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Forgotten - Trailer

Forgotten - Trailer

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The Bath School Disaster stands as the worst school massacre in American history. In addition to dynamiting little children, the killer relentlessly murdered neighbors, first responders, and animals in a series of meticulously planned attacks. Simultaneously, this twisted onslaught targeted the entire family of the killer’s wife. Even after the world’s first suicide car bombing, his frightening shipments and hidden explosives continued wreaking havoc for years to come, as he had plotted the destruction of the entire town. Eighty years later, the survivors speak. From the dramatic rise and fall of the killer to heart-wrenching survivor interviews, this suspenseful thriller illuminates an epic tragedy nearly lost in time.


Ahptic Films presents - Forgotten: America's Worst School Massacre.

Executive Produced by Matt Martyn, Jon Berlinski and T. Dominic Cochran 

Produced by Matt Martyn, Directed by Jon Berlinski and Matt Martyn

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Riveting. Soaring cinematography. The Great writer William Faulkner once wrote “History isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.” That’s why the new docudrama “Forgotten: America’s Worst School Massacre” chronicling the Bath School  bombing in 1927 is a cautionary tale of one man’s madness and the worst mass murder of children in American history.

Bill Castanier

President, Historical Society of Greater Lansing

“They know how to cut film!”  I like the mosaic approach to the story, letting it develop through multiple threads and points of view. And a nice mix of witnesses, descendants, and talking head experts.

Arnie Bernstein

Author, Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing

A gripping and thorough docuseries that not only informs the viewer of this collectively forgotten tragedy, but also honors its victims – both victims from May of 1927 and those in the decades to come, as profound trauma such as this reverberates through generations.

Amie Jones, PhD

Author, The Forgotten Children of Bath

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